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Avar Sales Agency
Avar Sales Agency is a consultancy company that specializes in sales department development and management. We offer services like sales manager training, sales courses for beginners, and CRM system implementation. Our mission is to enhance sales performance and revenue for both small and large businesses in B2B and B2C sectors. We're guarantee results through tailored strategies, focusing on improving sales techniques and efficiency. Our approach includes a free online consultation for potential clients to discuss sales strategies and opportunities for business growth.
Muna Media
Based in Tashkent and Dubai, Muna Media stands as a top advertising and communication group, with a specialization in digital marketing, outdoor advertising, and influencer partnerships. Serving a diverse clientele, we provide a full spectrum of advertising services in Uzbekistan, encompassing digital, outdoor, television, and radio advertising. Our extensive global experience, spanning 16 countries, includes delivering innovative and effective branding solutions for the markets of Uzbekistan, the CIS, and the Middle East.
Azma Finance
Azma Finance is an online accounting service tailored for small business owners in Uzbekistan. It simplifies financial management by automating accounting tasks, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and providing valuable financial insights. This service enables entrepreneurs to focus on their core business activities, offering user-friendly interfaces, competitive pricing, and comprehensive online support. Azma Finance is an efficient, cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs seeking streamlined financial management.
KSP Consulting
KSP Consulting – A consulting company in Tashkent and Uzbekistan. Revenue growth tools in the company, creating an effective working environment, improving assortment management, forming business processes in the company.